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The crew of the ship Teleios, comprised of genetically modified humans, is sent to retrieve the cargo from a mining ship adrift in deep space. It is suspected the crew brutally killed each other, but the reasons unknown. However, when they investigate the crew of Teleios find there are two survivors, one member of the crew and an artificial life form unit. The memory of the AI unit appears to have been erased and Travis O'Neill refuses to talk. The genetically modified humans are breaking down and learn that the only way to reduce the symptoms is to drink the blood of an unmodified human. The crew discuss the possibility of drinking the blood of the man they believe maybe a serial killer, or may be completely innocent.



Directed By:

Ian Truitner

Written By:

Ian Truitner


Drama, Sci-Fi

Release Date:

5 September 2017 (USA)




89 min



Shooting Location:

Los Angeles, California, USA
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Ratings : 1 / 5 ,Total Rated: 2

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